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Five Fundamentals for Health

Why are we suffering from various diseases & unhealthy condition?

1.What to eat? Raw Alkaline Foods.

2. Keep Peace of Mind with positive thoughts.

3. Do Daily Exercise for your Muscles Enhancement and Circulation.

4. Drink 3 to 4 liters of Alkaline Water daily and Keep your Body Warm.

5. Health is balance and harmony.

Why are we suffering from various diseases & unhealthy condition?

Our bodies are designed to be as healthy as our blood allows it to be. So what determines the condition of our blood? Oxygen, water and nutrients. An environment that is rich in these three is called an alkaline environment where disease cannot survive. The opposite environment that lacks these three is called an acidic environment where disease thrives.

Exercise and hydration are definitely important to maintain the alkaline environment but most people do them already. What most people don’t do is eat alkaline foods like avocados, broccoli and spinach, which will help the red blood cells do their job better which is to deliver oxygen and nutrients to every organ in the body. Instead they eat acidic foods like meat and soda, which will harm the red blood cells and prevent them from doing their job. And when the red blood cells can’t do their job, then the organs will show the ill effects as they will be lacking in oxygen, water and nutrients.

The science of agriculture refers to improving the harvest through the use of scientific means: more pesticides, fertilizers and genetic engineering. Nowadays, most people are consuming genetically modified organisms (GMO) vegetables and fruits that were grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Most people are eating meat and seafood that were raised on antibiotics, hormones and vaccines, which are all extremely acidic. All of the great advancements in technology have contributed to a tremendous increase in the quantity of food, but at the same time resulted in a severe deterioration of the quality.

Food has been heavily industrialized over the years. Think about all of the packaged or bottled foods and beverages that people consume on a daily basis. All of these are acidic and usually made with poor quality ingredients with a poor nutritional value. In addition, all kinds of artificial additives are added to make the product taste stimulating enough, and this often leads to unhealthy addictions and overeating. Also, preservatives are usually added to increase the shelf life of the product. It is not that hard to see why we are suffering from so many strange diseases, allergies and unhealthy conditions that have never existed before. The food today is very different from what your body is naturally used to. Mankind is the only living creature that denatures and processes his food.

Polluted acidic input materials will make your blood dirty which will deteriorate your health leading to illness. Clean alkaline blood, which is rich in nutrients and free of toxins, promotes vibrant performance and good health. However, the dirty acidic blood leads to poor performance and poor health. So if you want to maintain clean blood, then breathe fresh air, exercise, drink alkaline water, eat organic alkaline raw green foods and cold pressed oils.

You have to understand that health is the result of your own choices. Truly, being healthy means to be healthy physically, mentally, socially, and also spiritually. Organic or natural uncooked unprocessed green food diet is the perfect choice to eat less, regain health, and enjoy the happiness of life without illness. It is the best diet that helps the body deal with illness and maximizes the body's own healing power it was born with.

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1. What to eat? Raw Alkaline Foods.

To live long without illness, you have to ingest natural living foods, plant-based uncooked whole foods which are alkaline foods, rather than cooked or processed foods which are acidic foods. If you keep the alkaline basic state, you can enjoy healthy life without illness.

For the fundamental solution for clean blood, diet comes first. Why is a proper diet so important? Let's look at it this way. We all know that the quality and quantity of a harvest is proportionate to the quality and quantity of solar energy, soil, water and air. It is the same for us as human beings. Like all other living things, our quality of health (blood) is determined by the quality of the fuel we ingest, in other words, the food we eat. "Raw (Uncooked) Food Diet" literally means eating something right after it has been harvested. The main benefit is that it enables us to maintain optimal nutritional balance as well as to protect our bodies from the harmful effects of cooked and processed foods such as metabolic disorders and illness. Try eating a raw food diet and see if you can tell the difference! Maybe incorporate sprouts in your meals or salads to add fresh and vital nutrients to your raw diet. The sprouting process brings out many live enzymes and nutrients in the germinated seeds, legumes, and grains which in turn makes them easy to digest. Sprouts are living foods that are full of pure vitamins and minerals, rich in chlorophyll, and a great source of plant protein.

Balanced Raw Food Diet is not something that is going to attack and destroy the symptoms of a disease. Rather, it is the right fuel, which will help the body function in the right way. When the body is fuelled with the right materials (nutrients), it will then recover its homeostasis, and the immune system will start to function with its full strength. Therefore, with a constant supply of the right materials, a healthy body will be constructed, starting from the cellular level. Supply the body with what it needs, and it will heal itself.

Life on the physical level is to create energy and to use it to maintain the life force. This means that the body needs to produce basic metabolic energy to maintain bodily metabolic functions, and rest of the available energy is converted into kinetic energy, enabling the body to move. When the body is functioning with the wrong fuel, it needs a lot of energy to produce the basic metabolic energy, and as a result, there will be less energy available for other needs. This is when the body starts to compromise its needs. When the body is lacking the energy to be converted into kinetic energy, it will suffer from fatigue. Then the immune system will start getting weak and the body becomes more susceptible to the attacks of environmental food toxins, bacteria, and viruses.

Plant-based Raw Diet is about five times more bio-assumable than a regular cooked meal. Therefore, the body will require less energy to digest and assimilate the nutrients that is necessary, and as a result, more energy will be made available allowing the body to function at its peak level. Thus, in this hectic world where it is so easy to overeat non-nutritious foods and lose health, it is the perfect choice to eat less, regain health, and enjoy the happiness of life without illness.

Try to avoid acidic foods. 1. meat, fish, processed foods, and fatty foods, 2. the three whites which are white rice, white sugar and white flour, 3. instant foods and foods containing seasoned salt and artificial additives, 4. alcohol, cigarette, and coffee, 5. salted fish or frozen fish.

Try to ingest natural whole foods especially plant-based whole foods_Alkaline foods for your health 1. whole grains breads or low sugar rice, 2. alkaline water, 3. raw cold pressed seed oils, 4. natural mineral salt, 5. low sugar fruits which are avocado, white grape, lemon, lime and tomato 6. raw organic vegetables 7. home-made foods instead restaurant foods.

The need of protein for the human body is about a nickels weight worth, the excess is basically excreted in urine. We need 159 mg per pound you weigh. Meat like beef, pork, chicken etc contains protein around 20 percents of its weight. Fish contains protein around 40 percents of its weight. If you weigh 145 lbs, you need 23g of protein in a day. Therefore one small piece of fish or meat would be enough in a day. But we may ingest enough protein through daily diet with fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes. When we eat cooked meat or processed food, it is decomposed in the body because its own enzymes are lost during the cooking or processing. Too much meat intake generates toxin leading to illness. Your body contains Water 70 percents ,Fat 20 percents, Protein 7 percents, Vitamin & Minerals: 1 to 2 percent, Sugar 0.5 to 1 percent. To regain your own natural healing power, avoid acidic foods and intake raw alkaline green foods.

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2. Keep Peace of Mind with positive thoughts.

What is peace of mind? It is a state of inner calmness and tranquility, together with a sense of freedom, when thoughts and worries cease, and there is no stress, strain or fear.

A thought in your brain can be converted into an electrical informative wave and delivered to the targeted the body cells via the autonomic nerve system resulting in a biochemical process.

Peaceful activities and mental state such as gratitude, joy, smile, care & serve, love, hope, good music & movie and positive thoughts, release endorphins to activate life energy and boost bodily metabolism for your health. It leads to increase your immunity.

Negative thoughts, words and attitude bring up negative and unhappy moods and actions. When the mind is negative, poisons are released into the blood, which cause more unhappiness and negativity. This is the way to failure, frustration and disappointment.

You can turn peace of mind into a natural habit through concentration exercises, meditation, religious life and other means.

Here are a few simple things that can help you:

• Reduce the amount of time you read the newspapers or watch the news on TV.

• Stay away from negative conversations and from negative people.

• Don't hold grudges. Learn to forget and forgive. Nurturing ill feelings and grievances hurts you and causes lack of sleep.

• Don't be jealous of others. Being jealous means that you have low self-esteem and consider yourself inferior to others. This again, causes lack of inner peace.

• Accept what cannot be changed. This saves a lot of time, energy and worries.

• Every day we face numerous inconveniences, irritations and situations that are beyond our control. If we can change them, that is fine, but this is not always possible. We must learn to put up with such things and accept them cheerfully.

• Learn to be more patient and tolerant with people and events.

• Don't take everything too personally. Some emotional and mental detachment is desirable. Try to view your life and other people with a little detachment and less involvement. Detachment is not indifference, lack of interest or coldness. It is the ability to think and judge impartially and logically. Don't worry if again and again you fail to manifest detachment. Just keep trying.

• Let bygones be bygones. Forget the past and concentrate on the present moment. There is no need to evoke unpleasant memories and immerse yourself in them.

• Practice some concentration exercises. This will help you to reject unpleasant thoughts and worries that steal away your peace of mind.

• Pray or practice meditation. Even a few minutes a day will make a change in your life.

Inner peace ultimately leads to external peace. By creating peace in your inner world, you bring it into the external world, affecting other people too.

Meditation or pray calms down the body and the mind, reduces stress and anxiety, normalizes the blood pressure and has a healing effect on the body. It improves the concentration power, sharpens the mind and strengthens the intuition. Its constant practice reduces the number of restless thoughts in the mind, brings peace of mind, happiness and bliss, and in its higher stages, enlightenment.

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3. Do Daily Exercise for your Muscles Enhancement and Circulation.

Exercises for health mean to strengthen the muscles in your body. For daily exercises it is recommendable to do yoga or aerobic or fast walking for one hour minimum. Right before and after exercises, 10 minutes warm up and cool down stretching is essential to avoid injury and normalize your body. Taking mountain climbing once in a week is good for your whole body exercise and health.

The reasons to do daily exercise:

  1. Exercises improve lung capacity and cardiovascular functioning to take more oxygen in. Oxygen is essential to the metabolic function of all cells, and the body cannot survive without it.
  2. Lymph manages to isolate and eliminate infection and cellular waste. There is no central operation pump to circulate it through the entire body. Deep breathing, muscle contraction through exercise and massage are great ways to circulate it.
  3. The blood pressure from the heart is strong enough to reach at the end of arteries but the blood pressure in veins is too weak to return to the heart. To activate the blood circulation in veins, we need exercise. Blood return to the heart through veins with the help of muscle contraction through exercise.
  4. Excising activates production of recovery hormones during sleep, increases your body's metabolic rate and promotes fat-burning. It makes a powerful association between poor sleep and obesity.
  5. Exercising also stimulates the production of endorphins, another type of neurotransmitters that produce feelings of well-being, provide for natural pain relief, and help you relax.
  6. Daily exercise helps lower the buildup of plaques in arteries by increasing the concentration of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol called good cholesterol, and decreasing the concentration of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol called bad cholesterol in your blood, while keeping the blood pressure at the optimal level. As a result, your heart is able to do a better job in delivering oxygen to all parts of your body. Blood travels more efficiently, bringing much-needed oxygen from your lungs and nutrients to the rest of the body. That's why people generally feel more refreshed and energetic after exercising.

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4. Drink 3 to 4 liters of Alkaline Water daily and Keep your Body Warm.

Water plays a key role in the prevention of disease. Drinking 3 to 4 liters of alkaline water daily can decrease the risk of cancers, many types of diseases, ailments and disorders. Natural water or purified alkaline water is the best as drinking water in terms of quality for health.

Pure water is virtually colorless and has no taste or smell. It dissolves more substances than any other liquid. This means that wherever water goes, either through the ground or through our bodies, it takes along valuable chemicals, minerals, and nutrients. Pure water has a neutral PH of 7. It cleanses toxins or wastes in your body.

Water makes up more than two thirds of the weight of the human body, and without it, humans would die in a few days. The human brain is made up of 95 percents water, blood is 82 percents and lungs 90 percents. A mere 2 percents drop in water supply can trigger signs of dehydration such as fuzzy short term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on smaller print, such as a computer screen. If you are having trouble reading this, drink up. Mild dehydration is also one of the most common causes of daytime fatigue. An estimated seventy-five percent of Americans have mild, chronic dehydration.

Signs and symptoms of dehydration include:

Mild to excessive thirst
Dry mouth
Little or no urination
Muscle weakness

Though uncommon, it is possible to drink too much water. When your kidneys are unable to excrete the excess water, the electrolyte, that is, mineral content of the blood is diluted, resulting in a condition called hyponatremia which is low sodium levels in the blood.

How to drink enough water every day

Carry a water glass bottle rather than a plastic bottle everywhere you go and refill it from the water fountain. Before long, you'll find yourself reaching for it without a second thought. Keep it next to you whenever you will be sitting down for a long time, such as when you're at your desk at work. Drink from it regularly as you're working. Safe tap water or water from a home with a great water filter in a reusable water bottle can save you hundreds of dollars each year and improves your health. Try wearing a digital watch that beeps at the beginning of each hour. Use that as a reminder to pour yourself a glass of water.

Drink Warm Water and Avoid Soda.

Our body temperature is around 36.5C_97.7F degree. It is recommended to drink warm water about 40C_104F degree for your stomach to be stabilized. It aids the digestive system and makes the process of eliminating the waste products from the body easier. It prevents the problem of constipation and diarrhea from taking place.

Cold water makes body parts shrink. It will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will slow down the digestion. Once this sludge reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine. Very soon, this will turn into fats and may lead to cancer.

The sugar in soda, usually containing 9 teaspoons, can over time cause you to pack on the pounds. Have you heard about that artificial sweeteners are linked to brain tumors? Caffeine is another major issue for not just soda drinkers, but coffee and energy drink buffs as well. Caffeine consumption can cause dehydration and when not consumed, terrible headaches, shakes and irritability. Acidity, sugars, and artificial flavors and sweeteners can actually shorten your life. Soft drink runs around P.H 2.5 which is more toxic then beer, more toxic then coffee and more toxic then your own urine. Soft drinks contain not only sugar which is a toxic acid but they also contain carbonic acid, phosphoric acid and artificial flavors and coloring.

Keep your Body warm

As we get older the things we once took for granted can let us down and become more complex and difficult. Running, which once seemed so fluid and easy, becomes less graceful and automatic, joints are less reliable and breathing becomes more labored.

Keeping warm in cold weather also becomes more important because as we get older and our body temperature drops there is an increased risk of strokes, heart attacks and breathing difficulties, whether or not we already suffer from a chronic health or physical disability. Follow the advice and you'll stay well.

Try to keep the temperature of your home at about 21C _70F. If you cannot afford to heat all your rooms do keep your living room warm. Heat your bedroom and your bed before you go to bed.

If you have to use the bathroom two or more times during the night keep your dressing gown and slippers or shoes by the bed and wrap up warm for the nocturnal toilet trips

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5. Health is balance and harmony.

Truly, being healthy means to be well balanced and harmonized physically, mentally, socially, and also spiritually. You have to understand that health is the result of your own choices and control to make above items balanced.

Imbalanced diet, overwork, restless life, irregular life style and so on are making your body in acidic state resulting in the imbalance of your body. You are healthy when your body cells are vibrant and in alkaline basic state. Due to the accumulation of toxins from chemicals, harmful foods, water, air and stress from negative thoughts, worries, and fears, our bodies become imbalanced, leading to illness. When your body lost balance, it shows symptoms of disease. So to get your body back into a normal and balanced state, you must detoxify your body and change your lifestyle, conforming to the basic alkaline state with balance.