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Coolfin Plus redtoes is a toes stretching footwear for your foot health. Coolfin Plus redtoes can be used as a hands free foot massager during your normal activities like housework, exercise, work, yoga, pilates and so on. Coolfin Plus redtoes is made of silicon which is a strong, elastic, flexible, non-toxic and harmless material. By walking normally or on your tiptoes or heels, stretching and contracting sensations will be recurring from the characteristics of the silicon material. In addition to the massaging, Coolfin Plus redtoes also makes your toes exercise by spreading & retracting your toes and its effect is outstanding. Half an hour of daily exercise can improve your blood circulation to the ends of toes which will raise the temperature of your foot by about 2~4⁰C . It can help reduces pain, swelling & fatigue in your foot and you will gain energy after daily foot exercises.

If you wear Coolfin Plus redtoes and walk, it spreads your toes respectively by its structural character and it brings the effects of stretching and correction. It may also help prevent heel cracking and have excellent effects of moisturizing. The brown color of Coolfin Plus redtoes can be changed to white by the change of foot temperature.


  • Don't wear it in a wet place.
  • Don't wear it for a long time.
  • Don't use it on injured part and for patients concerned to diabetes.
  • Keep off direct sun rays, high temperature and much moisture.
  • Dry it in shadow to keep it.

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COOLFINPlus redtoes (Free Size)
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Coolfinplus-redtoes Foot Stretching and Massaging Shoes
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