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I-RA De-chlorination shower heads deliver a great comfort feeling of anion refreshment with strong and soft water stream while saving water during shower. It is a durable and high quality shower head with unique design structure of disassembling and deep cleaning of all compartments.

It consists of 3 functional filters, a micro-porous stainless steel plate and main bodies. 1st ceramic compound filter containing ceramic balls transfers tap water into energized and ionized water which increases cleaning power enough to lift dust, oil, contaminants and oxidized materials off the surface due to smallest water clusters. It is for permanent use. It has an antioxidant effect with far infrared rays and rich anions. You can enjoy body wash without soap. It removes rancid smell on your body. It is designed for revolving itself to get fast activation.

2nd non-woven fabric filter removes harmful particles like rust and floaters. When its color changes to brown, it needs to be cleaned with tap water.

3rd replaceable vitamin C filter removes chlorine by 99.9%. It can be replaced every 3,045 gallon water usage.

The micro-porous stainless steel plate produces more than 500,000 negative ions per cc and increases water pressure dramatically for easy washing and cleaning. It helps to energize your whole body and feel refreshed. Furthermore it saves water and water heating energy due to 2.0 GPM average flow rate.

The main bodies are made of PC which is transparent to see inside, strong, durable and reliable.

They are all patented and designed for skin and hair health. People love powerful and soft De-chlorinated water stream with anion refreshment. I-RA shower head gets the best performance, durability, reliability and high quality for safety and personal skin care.

l components are made in Korea.


  • Increases Water Pressure Dramatically with Soft Water Stream
  • Removes Chlorine by 99.9%
  • Saves Water & Heating Energy (2.0 GPM)
  • Anion Freshness with over 500,000 anions
  • Can Dismantle, Clean and Reassemble
  • Removes Rust & Floaters
  • Remove Rancid Body Smell
  • Energized and Ionized Water
  • Skin and Hair Moisturizing
  • Shower without Shampoo or Soap


  • Micro Porous Stainless Steel Plate for High Water Pressure and Generating Negative Ions
  • Water Saving (2.0 GPM) with Micro Porous Plate
  • Vitamin C Filter to Remove Chlorine by 99.9%
  • Lifespan of Vitamin C Filter: about 3045 Gallon Water (about 3 months)
  • Non Woven Fabric Filter to remove Rust & Floaters
  • Transparent PC used
  • Revolving Ceramic Ball Cartridge
  • Ceramic Balls Transforming Tap Water into Energized and Ionized Water
  • Produces Smallest Water Clusters for Deep Cleansing


  • Sensitive Skins such as atopic skin and irritated skin
  • All generation including Elderly People and Children,
  • Beauty Salons for Fast Hair Wash
  • Hair Shops
  • Health Conscious People